Cheap Self Storage Units in Las Vegas, NV (from $24) (2024)

Do you need secure self storage in Las Vegas? Life Storage is proud to offer reliable storage to Las Vegas residents near Paradise, Spring Valley, Enterprise, Summerlin, North Las Vegas, and more! You can find a wide range of storage unit sizes and convenient amenities like climate-controlled storage and drive-up storage.

Storage types available near Las Vegas, Nevada

Climate Controlled Storage in Las Vegas

Why Life Storage?

At Life Storage, our storage properties are always clean and secured with excellent security measures. Additionally, our helpful customer service team is available to answer any questions you may have at any point during your storage experience.

Las Vegas Self Storage Features & Amenities

Storage units in Las Vegas range in size from from 25 square feet to 300+ square feet, providing plenty of space for residential or commercial storage needs. We also have storage units that offer features like ground-level, access, upper level access, and more.

Rapid Rental

You can complete your storage rental application from anywhere! All you need to do is choose your storage unit online, fill out your paperwork and payment info, and you're done. Then, we'll send you an access code so you can move in whenever it's convenient for you!

Climate Control

If you plan to store delicate belongings, we highly recommend renting a self storage unit with climate control. This amenity typically keeps your unit between 55 and 80 degrees year-round, which can help protect your items from extreme temperature changes.

Drive-Up Access

Drive-up self storage allows you to pull your car or moving truck right up to your storage unit to unload and load your belongings with ease. This makes it easier to safely store heavier items by reducing the distance you need to carry items from your car to your unit!

Vehicle Storage

Need secure vehicle storage in Las Vegas? Life Storage offers enclosed drive-up units that are perfect for cars and motorcycles, as well as large outdoor parking spaces that are ideal for RVs, boats, camper, trailers, and more.

Business Storage

Life Storage has commercial storage units in Las Vegas! You can store everything from excess inventory and business documents to bulky equipment and office supplies with us. Contact our team today to learn more about our business storage offerings!

Exceptional Security

Our Las Vegas storage facilities are supported by security measures like surveillance cameras, perimeter fencing, gated access, and more. We want you to have peace of mind!

Extended Access Hours

We know it's not always possible to get to your storage unit during normal business hours. That's why Life Storage offers extended access from 6am to 10pm at many locations, with some locations even providing 24-hour access!

Rent Storage Month to Month in Las Vegas

Life Storage in Las Vegas offers flexible month to month storage rentals, with no long-term commitment! Our local storage facilities make it easy to rent cheap self storage on your own terms, whether you’re gearing up for a relocation, seeking secure car storage, or have other seasonal storage needs. Reach out to our dedicated team to learn more about renting a monthly storage unit in Las Vegas!

Frequently Asked Questions in Las Vegas, NV

What steps has Life Storage taken to ensure security at storage facilities in Las Vegas?

Life Storage facilities in Las Vegas use around the clock digital surveillance systems, private access codes, state-of-the-art locks, and proper lighting throughout all hours of the day to keep your items safe. For more information on our security features contact your facility.

What sizes of units are offered within Las Vegas?

Our storage facilities in Las Vegas offer a range of standard sizes starting at 5x5 and going up to 10x20. Smaller or larger sizes, and those in between vary by facility. We recommend checking our website to find our if the unit size you need is available at your preferred facility, or by calling the facility directly.

Do you offer the option of short-term, month-to-month storage rentals?

Life Storage rental agreements are month-to-month, guaranteeing you the flexibility of no long-term commitment or minimum stay. The start of your rental period aligns with your payment due date.

Want more information?

  • Cheap Self Storage Units in Las Vegas, NV (from $24) (1)

    Storage Unit Size Estimator

    It’s quick to pick a unit with Life Storage! Our Storage Unit Size Estimator helps you visualize your belongings in common storage unit sizes.

    Use the Size Guide

  • Cheap Self Storage Units in Las Vegas, NV (from $24) (2)

    Moving Boxes & Supplies

    Life Storage sells moving boxes and supplies to make your life easier. Get free shipping to your home or 20% off in-store pickup.

    Buy Supplies

  • Cheap Self Storage Units in Las Vegas, NV (from $24) (3)

    Vehicle Storage

    Keep cars, motorcycles, boats, and RVs in mint condition at Life Storage. We have indoor and outdoor storage spaces for all vehicles sizes.

    Find Vehicle Storage

  • Cheap Self Storage Units in Las Vegas, NV (from $24) (4)

    Surveillance & Security

    Life Storage secures your belongings with assigned electronic access codes, surveillance cameras, and fencing around our well-lit facilities.

    See Security Features

  • Cheap Self Storage Units in Las Vegas, NV (from $24) (5)

    Commercial Storage

    We offer storage options for all businesses. Store commercial vehicles, rent workspaces, and add units as your business grows.

    Find Commercial Storage

  • Cheap Self Storage Units in Las Vegas, NV (from $24) (6)


    We deliver long-term value to our customers and the planet through sustainable business practices. Learn more in our sustainability reports.

    See Sustainable Practices

  • Cheap Self Storage Units in Las Vegas, NV (from $24) (7)

    Climate-Controlled Storage

    Life Storage offers storage units with climate control to help protect your belongings from the effects of extreme temperature.

    Find Climate-Controlled Storage

  • Cheap Self Storage Units in Las Vegas, NV (from $24) (8)

    Drive-Up Accessible Storage

    At Life Storage, convenience meets you at the door. Pull up and load storage units right from your vehicle with drive-up access.

    Find Drive-Up Storage

Cheap Self Storage Units in Las Vegas, NV (from $24) (2024)


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