30 Cheap Self-Storage Units in Las Vegas, NV (from $16) (2024)

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How do I find storage near me?

Whether you need short-term storage while you relocate within the Las Vegas area, are a college student on summer break or a business owner looking to store extra inventory and supplies, a self-storage unit is an easy and convenient solution. On SelfStorage.com you'll find listings for storage facilities across the Las Vegas area with storage units in a variety of sizes with amenities like 24-hour access and climate control. The easiest way to find the right storage unit near you is to search by your ZIP code, address or neighborhood and filter the results by your preferred amenities and storage unit size.

Moving to Las Vegas

A world-known hot spot for gambling, entertainment, and nightlife, Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada. It is also the state's leading financial and commercial hub, and home to the University of Nevada and the College of Southern Nevada. Together these institutions help shape over 60,000 students every year.

If you plan on moving to Las Vegas, either as a student, a business owner, or a job seeker, there are a lot of things you need to factor in. Analyze economic opportunities, decide on the right neighborhood for you, and... remember that you have chosen a very hot and dry climate.

The Job Market and Taxes in Las Vegas

Vegas relies heavily on tourism and gaming. This puts client-facing positions like customer service or receptionist at the top of the list for candidates here. Despite having a robust entrepreneurial culture, top employers in Las Vegas are government organizations, mainly national defense and law enforcement. The top continues with the health care industry and only then hotel-casinos.

Besides taking note of the main industries in Vegas, it is also important to keep in mind that, while the cost of living in Las Vegas may be high, it is a very tax-friendly place. There is no state income tax (retirement or otherwise), no inheritance tax, and Nevada does not tax Social Security income and benefits, nor public and private pensions.

Las Vegas Neighborhoods and Suburbs

Apart from being a shimmering party scene, Las Vegas also has quiet, safe neighborhoods for young families and plenty of scenic locations to explore. Boulder City, for instance, is one of the two places in Nevada prohibiting gambling. With so much diversity, there is a right place for everyone and an essential step you have to make before moving to Vegas is identifying the neighborhood that best fits your style and needs.


UNLV students that choose to live off-campus generally look for apartments close to the university district, in Paradise. The famous Las Vegas Strip is also in this area as well as most tourist attractions (excluding Downtown).


This large community in the Las Vegas Valley lies at the edge of the Spring Mountains and has been named several times among the best places to live and play in America. With over 20 parks, more than 150 miles of walking trails, bicycle lanes on most major roads, and 26 hiking trails in the adjacent Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Summerlin is most suitable for active people and nature lovers.

The Lakes & Co.

Right next to Summerlin we have the gated communities of The Lakes, Peccole Ranch, and Canyon Gate, where many young professionals choose to live. All these neighborhoods have a lot of parks, bars, restaurants, and coffee shops.


This is the second largest city in Nevada, part of the Las Vegas Valley, and home to the man-made Lake Las Vegas. A great resort and vacation spot, Henderson has become home to people with an above-average income that wanted to benefit from its amenities all year long.

Get Some Space Storage in Las Vegas NV

Depending on what you need to store, either before moving or throughout your stay in Las Vegas, there are a lot of storage unit sizes to choose from. Students moving home for the summer generally opt for small rentals and split costs with colleagues, while boat owners are more interested in finding a boat storage facility, typically 25 feet long.

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30 Cheap Self-Storage Units in Las Vegas, NV (from $16) (2024)


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