Vigoro Mulch Safe For Dogs (2024)

1. Mulch And Pet Safety: Tips On How To Keep Mulch Safe For Pets

  • 28 jun 2021 · Mulch made from cocoa shells is known as cocoa bean mulch, and it is particularly toxic to dogs. Homeowners with dogs should stay clear of this ...

  • While mulch serves a variety of functions in the home garden, mulch application issues, like mulch toxic to dogs, need to be addressed for the safety of your precious pets before they occur. Learn mor

2. Types of Mulches Safe for Dogs - Labrador Landscape Supplies

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  • When working on a landscape design, which mulches should you choose considering you have pets, particularly dogs? Consider cypress mulch, rubber mulch, etc.

3. Is Mulch Safe for My Pets? | Gaston Mulch and Soil

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  • Wood mulch is generally considered safe for our pets, but there is a type of mulch that can be harmful to dogs. Be aware of the risks and make sure your gardens are 100% pet-friendly!

4. Is there a perfect type of mulch for a dog? - Pet Poo Skiddoo

5. Mulch Poisoning in Dogs - Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment ...

  • 22 aug 2016 · While the mulch should not be toxic, it can cause some GI upset. It would be best to watch him over the next 24 hours for any signs of vomiting, ...

  • Dog owners who have garden areas which are accessible to their pets should be made aware of the dangers of mulch. Cocoa bean mulch in particular causes toxicity in canines who ingest it; other types of mulch can present risks as well.

6. Is Your Mulch Safe? Here's How to Find Out - Growing A Greener World®

  • Is Your Mulch Safe? ... Look for this logo to ensure you are getting mulch that is safe from chemicals or toxic substances ... One of our puppies has developed ...

  • What’s in your mulch? Consumers concerned about what might be in their mulch, especially when it comes to hazardous materials such as the chemicals used for treating wood, now have […]

7. Is Rubber Mulch Safe For Dogs?

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  • For dog owners, ensuring that a project is safe for your pet is hugely important. In this post, we discuss whether or not rubber mulch is safe for dogs!

8. Is Mulch Safe for Dogs to Eat? | The Family Handyman

  • 18 jun 2020 · Mulch can tidy up a garden bed, prevent weeds and give off a pleasant scent when you water. But is it safe for your dog?

  • Mulch can tidy up a garden bed, prevent weeds and give off a pleasant scent when you water. But is it safe for your dog?

9. Is Dyed Mulch Safe to Use? - The Spruce

  • 30 mei 2023 · 1 It is recommended policy, therefore, to wear garden gloves whenever you will be touching this product. But what about our dogs and cats?

  • Is dyed mulch safe to use in the garden? The fact that it's colored is less the issue than the type of wood, itself. Learn when it's OK to handle.

10. Vigoro Mulch | BackYard Chickens - Learn How to Raise Chickens

  • 21 feb 2021 · After a search of google and this site, it appears that cypress mulch is ok. I am curious about tossing the pine shavings from the coop into ...

  • Hi, I just lay down brown mulch - Vigoro brand from Home Depot - in my chicken run today. I noticed my jeans got brown stain on them from bending on the mulch to spread it around. Is it safe for chickens? I can't find any information on the Home Depot website about what it is made out of nor can...

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  • View our list of top 10 non-toxic houseplants friendly to cats, dogs, and children. Learn care tips, see pictures, and link to specific varieties available.

12. 5 Big Problems with Using Dyed Mulch [Why Natural Mulch is Better]

  • 1 mei 2022 · On top of potentially being dangerous to the plants, animals, and people who interact with the mulch, dyed mulches can damage the life in the ...

  • It's tempting to use the perfect color of red, brown, or black dyed mulch for a garden. But there are big problems with dyed mulch. Consider natural mulch.

13. Is There a Safe Mulch for Dogs? | Aumann's Garden Supplies

  • 30 jul 2021 · Is There a Safe Mulch for Dogs? The team at Aumann's Garden Supplies discusses how to keep your dog safe while beautifying in your garden!

  • Is There a Safe Mulch for Dogs? The team at Aumann's Garden Supplies discusses how to keep your dog safe while beautifying in your garden!

14. Mulches at Ace Hardware

  • Shop mulch bags at Ace to enhance the look of ... Pet Bowls · YETI Buckets · YETI Vault · View All · Pond ... Safety Gear · STIHL Outdoor Power Equipment · View All.

  • Shop mulch bags at Ace to enhance the look of your yard and protect its soil, with mulches in a variety of sizes, materials, and colors to fit every project.

Vigoro Mulch Safe For Dogs (2024)


Vigoro Mulch Safe For Dogs? ›

Q:What store has the red mulch? Helpful? Q:Is this pet safe? A: Yes, as most 4-legged animals don't want to chew on shredded wood.

Which mulch is safe for dogs? ›

Natural pine mulch, cypress mulch, and cedar mulch are the safest types of wood mulch. Pine straw is a safe mulch as it is all-natural, plus animals and pets do not chew on it. In any situation, natural and untreated mulches are preferred over man-made materials.

What is Vigoro mulch made of? ›

Vigoro mulch, known for its use of scrap wood and a rubber mulch option, promises to be a durable choice that doesn't require frequent replenishment.

Is colored mulch safe for dogs? ›

The dyes used to color your mulch those vibrant hues of red or cocoa brown can potentially be very hazardous for your dog. For instance, that chocolate-colored mulch actually contains cocoa bean, which has a compound that can be toxic to animals.

Is it safe for dogs to eat mulch? ›

Dogs love to chew, and a fresh bed of mulch is a prime target for digging and chewing. If your dog is a mulch eater, precautions should be taken as complications can result. Dogs that chew on small pieces of mulch or sticks can develop gum irritation from splinters that embed in the oral cavity.

What mulch to avoid? ›

Finally, avoid large, bark type mulch or big wood chips. Since these big pieces take a long time to decompose, and they end up depriving the soil and plants of nutrients.

Is brown mulch toxic to dogs? ›

Mulches to avoid

A very popular gardening product made from cocoa shells, cocoa mulch contains theobromine, a toxin that is dangerous to dogs.

What is the safest mulch to use? ›

But, generally, using organic mulch made from wood chips or bark will be the best choice. It's one of the easiest and least expensive ways to ensure the long-term health and fertility of your soil and the health of your trees and shrubs.

Which mulch is non toxic? ›

Shredded bark, bark chips, pine needles, compost, rice hulls, various nutshells, shredded leaves (intact leaves may form a mat that prevents oxygen and water movement and may stymie beneficial biological activities), straw, and cardboard are all organic mulches.

Do you have to remove old mulch before applying new mulch? ›

If you're getting ready to install mulch in your landscape beds, you are likely wondering if you need to first remove the old mulch. Well, the simple answer is no! It's not necessary to remove the old mulch from your landscape beds because it's made up of organic material, and it will decompose over time.

What is the best ground cover for dogs? ›

Some homeowners use wood chips or mulch as a ground cover. It's safe and inexpensive, and cedar mulch has the added benefit of being a natural bug repellant to fight off fleas and ticks. If you do choose wood chips or mulch for your yard, do NOT use “Cocoa Bean” mulch, which is harmful to dogs if ingested.

Are cedar chips safe for dogs? ›

Though the bedding provides a soft, inexpensive filling for dog beds, cedar shavings contain phenols that can irritate the lungs allowing bacteria easier entry. For dogs who sleep directly on cedar chips in a crate or bedding area, contact dermatitis is another allergic reaction that can occur.

Is cedar toxic to dogs? ›

Fortunately, cedar is not toxic to dogs. The only concern comes from a risk of intestinal obstruction if enough is ingested.


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