Transports in China

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Transports in China

Postby inbeijing » Sat Oct 10, 2015 6:33 pm

Are you wondering how to travel from one region to another in China? You can choose from the country's various means of transport.

If are moving China, you will definitely travel from one region to another regularly, whether to go to work, go shopping or during your leisure time. The country has several means of transport connecting the various cities and neighborhoods to one another. You can choose among the plane, train, bus and taxi depending on the distance you need to travel. You can also rent a car in order to travel comfortably alone or with your family.

China has many international, national and regional airline companies, as well as major airports which ease the connection between the different Chinese cities. Airplanes, as well as airports, are secure and comfortable. Flights are very regular and punctual and the crew speaks English and Chinese.

Good to know:

You can obtain discount prices for domestic flights on booking your tickets. For international flights, you are advised to confirm your reservation at least 72 hours before the scheduled time of departure.

Useful links:

Air China
Chiba Express Airlines
China Eastern Airlines
Capital Airlines
Hanan Airline
Xiamen Airlines

China has several train lines connecting its major cities. High-speed trains facilitate travel between Shanghai and Beijing while other trains pass through the countryside, allowing you to admire captivating landscapes during your trip. Most Chinese trains are fast and safe. However, all of them are not very comfortable. In general, tickets prices are quite affordable. But these vary according to the comfort level you choose.

If you are planning a long journey by train, it is recommended to book your seat in advance. You can also buy your ticket at a train station and look for your train's number. Moreover, in major Chinese cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Guangzhou, you will find underground subways. These will allow you to avoid traffic jams especially during peak hours.

Good to know:

You will probably be checked when you board the train and on your arrival at your final destination. You are advised to always have your tickets in your possession.

Useful links:

China Railway Corporation
Daqin Railway Company Ltd
Guangshen Railway Company

The bus is one of the fastest and cheapest means of transportation in China. Most Chinese cities are served by many bus companies. Some of these are very comfortable, with large seats and air conditioners. You can even access to Wi-Fi in some buses. In general, buses operate from 6 am to 11 pm. But there are also night trips equipped berths.

You can board the bus at a bus station or at any bus stops across the different cities. Note that bus stop signs are displayed in Chinese. You will pay the fare once you are on board. You can also buy your tickets through a travel agency. Schedules and destinations are displayed there.

Useful links:

Tour Beijing
Beijing Travels

It is not difficult to find a taxi in China. You can make them stop anywhere as long as they are free. You can also make reservations by phone. In general, taxis in large cities are equipped with a counter meter. You will pay the fare indicated once you have reached your destination. Note that fares cannot be negotiated with the driver.

Good to know:

Most taxi drivers only speak Chinese. You are advised to be in possession of the address where you have to reach written in Chinese.

Useful links:

China Eastern Taxi Service
Tour Beijing
Cultural China

Rent a car
You are not authorized to drive a car in China, unless you have a Chinese driver's license (see the Driving in China section). You are therefore advised to rent a car with driver. Rental rates are around 500-600 yens per day. You will find rental agencies in most major cities.

Useful links:

Rental Car Group

Bike remains a practical and cheap means of transport in this busy, fast and noisy country. Moreover, many Chinese go to work by bike in order to avoid traffic. It also allows them to keep fit. You can rent a bike at specialized stores which you can find in almost all major cities. Remember to keep a map of the city at your reach.

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Re: Transports in China

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Re: Transports in China

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