A Handy&Fun Way to Find a Chinese Teacher

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A Handy&Fun Way to Find a Chinese Teacher

Postby HiChinese » Fri Nov 30, 2018 5:25 pm

A Handy & Fun Way to Learn Chinese
Do you know any Chinese? Ni hao?!
Do you wanna learn (just think about how coooool is it)?
Here is a super handy platform/app (on We-chat) that will help a lot.

This is a platform for teachers and students to meet, but you are the boss. You can choose and “book” a teacher on it.

What are the characteristics of using this app? Let's take a closer look:
1. A large number of teachers have joined the platform, the course types and prices are crystal clear at a glance. You can also choose location, time and other factors.

2. With a sound teacher evaluation system, the quality of a teacher's course is clearly visible. This system allows you to give an anonymous evaluation after the class is completed, and the comments are visible to all the students within the system.

3. Comprehensive protection of your interests is provided. Your course fee is paid to the platform first, and the teacher cannot withdraw the money until the course is completed. If you're not satisfied during the time of the course, an immediate refund can be initiated.

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