25-28K Curriculum Developer Needed in Beijing need have experience

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25-28K Curriculum Developer Needed in Beijing need have experience

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25-28 K Curriculum Developer Needed in Beijing need have experience

The Curriculum and Teaching Research Department (CTRD), as one of R main departments, is responsible for the design of the framework and content of R's subject English courses, as well as designing lesson plans, creating lesson materials to supplement existing course ware, and selecting additional educational products. The CTRD researches, develops, and compiles a complete and coherent set of educational products.


1. Participate in the development of a core curriculum framework for kindergarten, primary, middle/high school reading, writing, math, and science courses based on existing course materials?

2. Create a body of supplementary course materials based on the curriculum framework, including researching, developing, and editing educational products (both teacher's s and student s materials);

3. Participate in every step of educational product development, including revising materials based on in-class experience, teacher recommendations, student performance, and changing educational standards;

4. Design and Participate in teacher training sessions;

5. Other supportive work such as voice recording, editing, brainstorming, extra.

Educational Qualifications Required

Candidates should(have):

1. A bachelor's s degree awarded by an accredited university;

2. Teaching experience at the primary or middle school level (depending on position.

Salary: 25000 CNY(RMB) to 28000 CNY(RMB) Monthly
Housing: Please contact us for details
Contract type: Full time
Work visa provided: No
Teaching Students age: Array
Work Location: Beijing
Working hours: Please contact us for details

- Teaching experience
- Degree in any field
- Passport holders

To apply visit this link:

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