Nov 19 West Jiankou to East Jiankou to Mutianyu Great Wall Camping (2days) - Small Group With Max of 13 Pax

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Nov 19 West Jiankou to East Jiankou to Mutianyu Great Wall Camping (2days) - Small Group With Max of 13 Pax

Postby ChinaHiking » Tue Oct 31, 2017 11:16 am

The 18 km Jiankou to Mutianyu Great wall trekking offers an in-depth exploration of the Wild Jiankou with a finish on the restored Mutianyu Great Wall. The first day we hike the Eastern section of wild Jiankou Great Wall and stay overnight at a local farmhouse. On day 2 we pick up our trek on the Jiankou from the famous Zhengbeilou Watchtower and hike East all the way to Mutianyu Great Wall.

Hiking Distance: 9km/day
Hiking Duration: 4h/day
Hike level: 3 medium/strong
Departure time: 9:30 am
Back in Beijing: 4:00 pm on day 2
Price: 1600RMB (1440 RMB for kids 7-17, 1280 RMB for membership, 800 RMB for kids younger than 7)

Day 1: Jiankou Great Wall trekking
From our meeting point (Lama temple subway station) we drive for about 2 hours till we reach picturesque Dazhenyu village. Before we start this Great Wall trek we enjoy a good farm house lunch in yard surrounded by chestnuts and with a view on the Jiankou Great Wall. Today it’s an 8 km hike with a total ascend of 600 meter so you ll need a fair bit of energy to make it to the top.
Jiankou Great wall trekking, Jiankou to mutianyu Great wall hiking
Jiankou Great wall trekking

The start of this Jiankou Great Wall trek is immediately amazing. The Great Wall drops down into WangQuan ( spring valley) valley and climbs back out almost vertical. We ascend about 500 meters following a small trail up the mountain for about 1 hour until we reach the Great Wall at the second beacon tower. From here it’s all about enjoying the scenery.

As our trek on the Great Wall continues you can enjoy fantastic views of the valleys and the middle Jiankou Great Wall. We will walk trough and over 7 beacon towers , the best preserved ones are called the 5 eye watchtower and the Jade tower.
At the highest point of our hike we reach a Great Wall intersection and follow the wall towards middle Jiankou. This part of the hike is all down hill till the end of the hike. You’ll need a little balance here once in while but it’s all safe. At the wall’s lowest point we follow a small trail that curls trough the forest and ends up right at our guesthouse in Zhuanghu village.
The guesthouse is a farmhouse run by a friendly local couple. The Chinese country style rooms are clean and the chef will kook us an excellent organic dinner.

Day 2 East Jiankou to Mutianyu Great Wall trekking.
Today we get up early and enjoy a good local breakfast before we step into our van for a short drive to the Eastern part of the Jiankou Great Wall. Jiankou to Mutianyu is a breathtaking 10 km trek that combines wild and restored Great Wall. You have to be in good physical condition but you will be rewarded with fantastic scenery.

West to East Jiankou to Mutianyu Great Wall trekking. View from the Zhengbeilou watch tower.
From a Chestnut orchard we start walking on a dirt trail that leads to the Jiankou East Great Wall. It is a descend 500 meter ascend that will take us about 1 hour. You will agree that it was worth the effort when you finally climb the ladder to the Zhengbeilou Watchtower(991m) where some of the most spectacular pictures have been shot.

We walk east on the wall to the highest point of Jiankou (1029 meters) allowing you to see the entire Mutianyu Great Wall plus much of Jiankou as well. Its a very enjoyable walk on top of a well preserved Great Wall where we pass the famous “bull’s horn section”. After a good hour hiking on top of the Jiankou Great Wall a tree full with prayer flags announces the start of the Mutianyu Great Wall. Here the Great Wall is restored. A short hike on the Mutianyu Great Wall leads us past 4 guard towers before we take start our 1 hour downhill hike trough the valley. The trail ends at a picturesque village where celebrate the Jiankou to Mutianyu Great Wall trekking with a good lunch and a few beers. By 4pm we should be back at our meeting point in Beijing.

Level 3:1 Medium-strong
We rate the West to East Jiankou to Mutianyu Great Wall trekking Level 3 because both days include a steep climb to reach the Great Wall. Good Hiking shoes are recommended as we will hike some crumbled sections of the Great Wall. We always hike at a relax pace so if you have an average to good physical condition you will enjoy this trip. There is little shade during start of the first day’s hike so don’t forget to bring sun lotion and a hat during summer.

Contact information:
Telephone : (+86)15652200950

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