Villas in Lane Bridge

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Villas in Lane Bridge

Postby Jackson1987 » Thu Jul 28, 2016 9:12 pm

Brief Introduction:

The villa is called single family villa with private garden in 4 sides. There are 4 bedrooms, 2 parlors, 3 washrooms(Bathroom), 1 Sauna room, 1 kitchen ,1 study room, 1 basement. The basement could be decorated to be gym, Cafe or other amusement room as you like.

The villa is in China's "Tiaokong" structure. Tiaokong Means there is some space that linked floor 1 to floor 2. You could feel relaxed and comfortable because the space is bigger.


Lane Bridge is located at the entrance of Beigaoqiao entrance of S12 Airport Expy. It's also near another 4 main road called Jingmi Road(Main road leading to the center of Beijing), N. 5th Ring Rd, S32 Jingping Expy, G45 Daguang Expy. It is about 10KM to Sanyuanqiao(Downtown area) and 13KM to Beijing Capital International Airport.


There are famous international school near here such as French International School, Dulwitch Kingdergarden, British Harrow International School, WAB, Montessori, etc. It is less than 10minutes to ISB international school by car.


There is famous hospital to protect your health. It's about 400m to Beijing Ditan Hospital. Beijing Ditan Hospital is a “Sanjia” hospital. "Sanjia" Hospital means the top level hospital in China.


Lane Bridge is very beautiful with special landscape design and high foresation rate. Its forestation rate is 50%. The plot ratio is low at 0.5. You could fell more comfortable because there are more forestation and less buildings in the area.

Further more, Beijing is notorious for its air quality. Lane Bridge is 10km away from the downtown areas. The air quality is much healthier than downtown areas.

More over, Most of the inhabitants are foreign expats, High managers or Chinese merchants. They are high qualified. You could live in harmony with them easily and share the same culture as in your own country.


It's near Shopping centers,too. Scitech Outlet, Wangjing Shopping Center, Euro Plaza is near it.You can buy what you want conveniently.

Lane Bridge is waiting for you. Welcome to contact me for more information.

Mobile: (86)185 1569 9266

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