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Useful Phone Numbers

Postby inbeijing » Fri Jul 11, 2014 1:59 pm

Necessary Telephone Numbers
1、China Country Code Number: 0086
2、Beijing City Code Number: 010

Emergency & Most Commonly Used
2、Telephone Repair:112
3、Local Directory Assistance:114
4、International Long-distance Register:115
5、National Long-distance Operator:116
6、Time Inquiry:117
8、Weather forecast:121
9、Traffic Accident Call:122
10、Long-distance Phone Inquiry:176
11、EMS Delivery:185
12、Local Phone Practices Inquiry:189
13、Civil Aviation Information Inquiry:2580
14、Red Cross Emergency:999
15、Airplane Ticket Booking Service:2581
16、Commercial Information Service:2583
17、Railway Information Inquiry:2585
18、Stock Market Phone Inquiry:2588
19、Check Inquiry:2850
20、Television Information Entertainment Service Audio Message System:2858
21、Film Information Entertainment Service:2859
22、Postcode Inquiry:010-63037131, 63037132, 63033148
23、Beijing Public Transit Li Suli Service Hotline:96166
24、Free Anti-Virus Computer Consultations:800-810-0020
25、Price Supervision and Reporting of the Beijing Price Inspection Department:12358
26、China Telecom:10000
27、China Mobile:10086
28、China Network:10060
29、China Tietong:10050
30、China Unicom:10010

Life & Maintenance
1、Gas Repair:96777
2、Water Supply Service:96968
3、Power Supply:95598
4、Cable TV Maintenance:968810
5、Municipal Water Service Repair Hotline:010-66189955
6、Traffic Injury Hotline:010-68455655, 68455665
7、24-hour Hotline of Beijing Fuel Gas Company:010-65940469
8、Beijing Natural Gas Company Control Room:010-64269603
9、Beijing Coal Gas Company:010-65024743
10、Beijing Liquefied Petroleum Gas Company:010-68316077
11、Power Supply Hotline, Beijing Power Bureau Repair Center:010-63129999
12、Urban repairing by Beijing Power Bureau:010-63034561, 63034562
13、Emergency Heating Repair by Beijing Heating Company:010-65005943
14、Home Relocation Hotline:010-65130699
15、Price Reporting:12358
16、Consumers' Complaint Hotline:12315
17、Anti-Drug Hotline:010-65214111
18、Patent Consulting Hotline:010-26291111
19、Beijing Association of Consumers:010-62241234
20、Legal Aid Hotline for Environment Protection:010-62267459
21、Women and Children Friendly Healthcare Hotline: 010-66122429,66188089
22、Psychological Consultation Hotline:010-66055431ext.332
23、Beijing Tourism Hotline:010-65130828
24、Beijing Emergency Center:010-65255678
25、Pets Hotline:16861166
26、Reporting of Social Insurance and Labor Disputes:010-63044923

Railway, Aviation & Courier
1、Taxi Order Hotline:010-68373399
2、Taxi Complaints:010-68351150
3、Railway Ticket Booking Hotline:010-63217188
4、Beijing West Railway Station Inquiry:010-51826273
5、Beijing North Railway Station Inquiry:010-51866223
6、Beijing Railway Station Booking Hotline:010-51016666
7、Beijing West Station Inquiry:962585
8、Train ticket booking Hotline:962586
9、Beijing Capital Airport Inquiry:010-64563604
10、Passenger Ticket Center Booking Hotline:010-51827188
11、EMS Express (or Post office) Service:11185
12、China Railway Express:95105366
13、ZJS Express:400-678-9000

1、Bank of China:95566
2、Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC):95588
3、China Bank of Construction:95533
4、Agricultural Bank of China:95599
5、Shanghai PuDong Development Bank:95528
6、Bank of Communication:95559
7、China Merchants Bank:95555
8、China Pacific Property Insurance Co. Ltd.:95500
9、Bank of Beijing:96169
10、CITIC Bank:95558
11、Guangdong Development Bank:95508
12、Industrial Bank:95561
15、Standard Chartered Bank:800-820-8088

Municipal Government Agencies
1、Mayor hotline:12345
2、Municipality Hotline:010-63088467
3、Beijing Tourism Bureau:010-85157015, 65130828
4、Foreign Affairs Office of Beijing Municipal People's Government:010-65192708
5、Taiwan Affairs Office of Beijing Municipal People's Government:010-84080909
6、Foreigner's Exit & Entry Administrative Division Beijing Public Security Bureau:010-84020101 (24-hour automatic inquiry)

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Re: Useful Phone Numbers

Postby Opportunity In China » Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:53 pm

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