House Church - Worship Music Leader wanted


House Church - Worship Music Leader wanted

Postby JessYvo1117 » Sun Nov 08, 2015 8:55 am

I am in the process of starting up a House Church - a place where Christians (followers of Jesus) can come together and worship, pray, have game/movie nights, and simply share hearts. It will be held at my apartment. For now, we are planning to meet Sunday nights around 7:30 p. It is a come and go as you want. I have a Bible, and will provide tea, coffee, snacks, etc. I am trying to get more Bibles, but for now am hoping that others will bring theirs. Of course, people are welcome to also use mine. Nonetheless, I am trying to find a believer to lead the light worship. So, if you play guitar, and/or a cajon or keyboard and like to sing, please contact me. We are starting this Sunday, but if we do not find a worship leader we will use YouTube in the meantime. Ha ha! Also, if you are a believer that is interested in coming but you do not want to lead worship, you are also welcome to join us! Contact me via WeChat or e-mail for further communication.

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