Come and apply for one hour FREE trial Mandarin lesson now!!

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Come and apply for one hour FREE trial Mandarin lesson now!!

Postby Elena_26 » Tue Jul 05, 2016 10:49 am

Come and apply for one hour FREE trial Mandarin lesson now!!

Wechat:qq1426523708 Tel: 010-58692468 Phone/whats app: 13521931586 Website:
Feel free to contact or visit us.

About Global Mandarin

Do you have many Chinese friends or clients in your country, company and place of work, do you have problems communicating with them easily, do you have that awkward moment when they’re talking but you just can’t join in?
Welcome to Global Mandarin! Let’s fix your problem together to better help you get through your day to day life using mandarin. Here at Global Mandarin, We focus on Mandarin training and provide high quality Mandarin Classes. With our professional and experienced Mandarin teachers, you will experience a pleasant time of learning not only Mandarin but also the amazing Chinese culture!

No matter where you are around the globe, Global mandarin provides a variety of services reaching you anywhere around the world through social medias like Skype ,Facetime, Wechat, QQ International, Facebook, WhatsApp with our experienced teachers. If you reside in Beijing China, we extend our service to your offices and places of work providing you with professional teachers and quality services anywhere in Beijing China.
Global Mandarin is located in Guo Mao ,CBD. Feel free to come visit us!

Our Teaching Methods

Our Teaching Methods consist of 30% grammar and vocabulary with the remaining 70% being spoken Chinese practice. Chinese is a language that you can only master by constantly practicing with native Chinese speakers. Grammars and structures are very important and so is practicing. Global Mandarin focuses on helping you blend into the Chinese society and learning the real Chinese language which will make you sound native and help you communicate well with your Chinese friends and colleagues.
Our teachers use 30% of the class to ease you in with new words and grammars and also practice with you to better enhance your mandarin knowledge.


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