Train station

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Train station

Postby inbeijing » Fri Jul 11, 2014 2:17 pm

As the railway hub of the nation, Beijing offers trains to most provincial capitals and neighboring cities. There are five train stations in Beijing, of which Beijing Railway Station and Beijing West Railway Station are the most frequently used. Trains from Beijing Railway Station (Beijing Zhan) travel to Baotou, northeast China, and Shanghai, with international trains to Moscow and Ulan Bator. Beijing Railway Station offers express trains to Harbin (8 hours), Tianjin (1.5 hours), Shanghai (10 hours), Shenyang (4 hours), Beidaihe (2 hours), Qinhuangdao (2 hours) and Changchun (6 hours). Beijing West Railway Station (Beijing Xi Zhan) has the reputation of the largest railway station in Asia, trains from Beijing West station travel to every province, most major and medium-sized cities and autonomous regions (excluding Hainan and Taiwan). In 2007, Beijing West Railway Station began to operate trains to Tibet (48 hours). Since 2006, Beijing South Station has been closed for renovation and will resume operations in August 2008. Beijing North Station offers trains that travel to neighboring provinces such as Hebei province and Inner Mongolia.

In April 2007, Beijing West Station and Beijing Station began to offer HST (High Speed Trains) that travel at record speeds. Destinations include Tianjin (from Beijing Zhan) and Shijiazhuang (from Beijing Xi Zhan).

Beijing Railway Station
Chinese Name: 北京站
Address: NoA13, Maojiawan Hutong, Dongcheng District
Telephone: 86-10-51019999
Handling Trains: northern and coastal southern China

Beijing West Railway Station
Chinese Name: 北京西站
Address: No.19, Guanglian Lu, Fengtai District
Telephone: 86-10-51824233
Handling Trains: South, Southwest and Northwest China

Beijing South Railway Station
Chinese Name: 北京南站
Address: No.12, Yongdingmenwai, Chongwen District
Telephone: 86-10-51836272
Handling Trains: high-speed railways

Beijing East Railway Station
Chinese Name: 北京东站
Address: No.7, Baiziwan Lu, Chaoyang District
Telephone: 86-10-51835662
Handling Trains: high-speed railways

Beijing North Railway Station
Chinese Name: 北京北站
Address:north Xizhimen subway station, xicheng district
Telephone: 86-10-51866223
Handling Trains: tourist and short-distance trains

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Re: Train station

Postby bounder » Tue Dec 09, 2014 8:04 am

This Christmas i will try many place. hope the train will Geili

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