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Beijing Subway line 1 broke ground on July 1st 1965 and started formally operation on October 1st 1969. So far, Beijing subway network has 15 lines, 217 stations and 440 kilometers of tracks in operation.
Subway lines in operation today are line 1, line 2 (loop line), line 4 and Daxing line, line 5, line 6, line 8), line 9, line 10, line 13, line 15 as well as several lines for outskirt areas including Batong line, Changping line, Fangshan line, Yizhuang line and Airport Express Line.
By paying CNY 2 Yuan each, passenger can transfer among almost all subway lines except for the airport express line. Ticket fare for airport express line is CNY 25 Yuan.

Beijing Subway Map

Following is the latest map of Beijing subway unveiled by the subway authority. We'd like to recommend it to you as it has high resolution and high practicability. Stations in the map are marked in both English and Mandarin Chinese and it is easily readable by expatriate travelers to Beijing. Please move your mouse over the image and click on it and use the zoom options to read the map in high resolution

Baggage Rule & Child Ticket Policy on Beijing Subway Network

Passenger with large luggage occupying more than one seat area should purchase an addtional ticket as baggage fee. Child with height under 120 cm doesn't need to pay to travel by Beijing Subway. Anything that is dangerous to public security is not allowed to take on board of the subway train. Pet, glass product, bike, television, desktop computer, refrigerator are not allowed to take on board of the subway train neither.
Rushing hours for Beijing subway are from 7am to 9 am as well as from 5pm to 7:30pm Monday to Friday. We strongly suggest you take a taxi if you happen to get around Beijing during the rush hours with large baggage as the subway would be overcrowded by then.

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