Sports in China

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Sports in China

Postby inbeijing » Sat Oct 10, 2015 6:31 pm

Various sports activities are available in China. You can attend matches and other competitions or practice your favorite sports.

China has a long sports history. Sports are more a culture than a habit in this Asian country. Apart from traditional sports which have been practiced for hundreds of years in the country, international sports such as football, soccer, volleyball, basketball and table tennis, have become very popular. You can subscribe to a sports club if you wish to exercise. You can also attend football matches and other sports events which regularly take place in major Chinese cities.

Global sports
Global sports are now part of Chinese culture. The Chinese, especially youngsters, are more likely to play football, volleyball, basketball, cricket, tennis and table tennis, squash and even practice weightlifting. These sports, as well as gymnastics, are taught at school as well as in sports clubs and practiced at top level. Golf has also gained some popularity for a few years. Note that China is one of the sportiest nations worldwide.

Moreover, the country participates regularly in sports events such as the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, the Asian Football Cup, Universiades, Tennis Masters, the World Swimming Championship, etc.

Traditional sports
China is world famous for its traditional sports like martial arts and gymnastics. Tai chi chuan, fencing, shooting, archery and judo are very appreciated by the Chinese. Moreover, you will easily spot tai chi chuan disciples early morning or in the afternoon in jogging and health trails. Yoga, which is a breathing and relaxation method, is also widely practiced in China.

Other sports
In some regions, especially in the countryside, horseback riding, hiking, and mountain biking are also practiced. In addition, if you like thrilling and adventurous sports, you can enjoy mountaineering, rafting, water skiing and even hang gliding.

Brain game lovers will be delighted to discover the “Go” game which is a chess-type game, the Mah-jong, card games, and many others.

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