What Are the Custom Procedures to Export Personal Articles?

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What Are the Custom Procedures to Export Personal Articles?

Postby inbeijing » Sat Sep 12, 2015 5:56 pm

The Editor,

I am doing a course in Beijing for one year. What will be the custom procedure for me to ship my personal articles to my country? The articles do not have any item in commercial quantity.

Thank you.

Shahid Baig


Dear Shahid Baig,

According to the Custom Law, any long-term non-resident passenger importing or exporting articles for personal use must submit a written application to the appropriate customs agency personally or by authorizing an agent. The customs office of entry or exit shall examine and release the articles on the basis of the approval certificate from customs and other relevant papers and documents.

Following are the procedural steps:

Step 1: Passengers shall submit the following papers and documents in person or through an authorized representative:

1. Identity card, including Employee's Card of Foreign Enterprise's Resident Organization, Foreigner's Employment Card of the People's Republic of China, Foreign Professional Card of the People's Republic of China, valid passport and visa of the owner of the unaccompanied baggage;

2. Long-term residence certificate, including Foreigner's Long-term Resident Card of the People's Republic of China.

3. China Customs Application Form for Inward or Outward Articles for Personal Use; (Non-resident passengers' re-exportation of the articles which are imported before shall be approved by the relevant customs agency.)

4. Relevant papers and documents including bill of lading or waybill and packing list.

Step 2: Articles that exceed the reasonable quantity for personal use shall be returned inward after the Port Customs examination and approval. Articles that violate the rules for Customs control over inward and outward articles shall be detained or returned inward. Articles that are exported in accordance with the Customs regulations shall be released outward after the Customs formalities.

Passengers who import or export the articles for office or personal use shall transact customs formalities within 3 working days after the day on which customs produces the Decision of Acceptance. The customs shall produce the Customs Cover to the passengers after examination and approval.

Be happy no matter what....

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