Can I Find Pet Bars in China?

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Can I Find Pet Bars in China?

Postby inbeijing » Sat Sep 12, 2015 5:54 pm

With an increasing number of couples nicknamed "dinks", (dual income, no kids), many people are getting pets and treating them like their "children". They like to talk to these animals, play with them and some may even want to go out on the town with them with fancy dinners and fun places to hang out. This may sound a little bit strange, but these places do exist in Beijing and Shanghai


Feilinshiguang Pet Bar

Boasting many kinds of films, acoustic systems and projectors, Feilinshiguang is much more like a movie bar where people can enjoy wonderful programs with their beloved pets. Here, almost all the visitors come with their cats or dogs. And when you sample your own snacks and meals, you also can order some specially prepared food for your pets.

Address: LIhongjia, to the south of Luozhuang, Zhichun Road, Haidian District
Tel: 010-80695817

I Home Theme Restaurant

I Home is a famous restaurant where people can have meals with their pets. There are many different rooms for you and your furry friend can dine in. And your pet will be treated like a VIP guest.

Address; Inside Yinqing Club, Huabei Qimao Yuan, Besides Sijiqing Bridge, West Four Ring Road, Haidian District
Tel: 010-51521818

Bake Community

This place is named after the manager's dog. Here, people can wander around the place with their pets and enjoy the beautiful scenery, eat home-style cooked dishes as well as play with your pets. Furthermore, you also can spend one night with your pets here, as this community has rooms prepared for you and furry companion.

If you like, you can even bring your pets to go swimming in the outdoor pools.

Address: To the west of Yanxihuandao, Huairou District
Tel: 010-61629203

Hill Bar

Just as its name implies, this bar is located on a small hill. The walk up the hill is easy along the narrow but smooth stone-paved road with your pet. And the route is dotted with wild flowers. And when you arrive at the top, you will find an amazing panorama. What will surprise you more is the accommodation. All the rooms here are made of wood. It's a relaxing and natural place for you and your pet to sleep overnight.

Address: Hongzun Yitiaogou Huairou District
Tel: 010- 61627027


Peitalai Cafe

Surrounded by a beautiful park, this Western-style building houses the first restaurant for pets in Shanghai. Diners can have meals or play games with their pets in this park. On the second floor of this building, there are many books about pets. People come here to chat with each other, and learn more tips about looking after their animals. And for some grooming, the third floor provides a beauty salon exclusively for pets.

Address: No. 66, Longbaiqingshan Road, Minxing District

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