seeking like minded roomates in华清嘉园(3500RMB)


seeking like minded roomates in华清嘉园(3500RMB)

Postby freshone » Tue Jun 14, 2016 8:33 am

Hi , I am landlord so there is no agent fee here. The apt is the most well known community Hua Qing Jia Yuan(华清嘉园)in Wudaokou area which is the first choice of many foreign students and experts around.

There are 3 bedrooms ,around 12 square meters each. totally around 98 square meters with a kitchen and big bathroom . Coffee house style decoration including a wooden swing inside in theliving room . So u can enjoy an artistic and comfortable home time.

I am a chinese writer with thoughtful and in depth content ,so most of the time I am super quiet with the computer,avoid gossip and shallow topics to kill time. As my target is very clear, my schedule is full . I wish I can find those like minded experties with similar taste ,have clean,quiet and simple while buzy life style.

We can of course exchange some ideas if we are in the similar field,if not, I wish we can keep polite distance and leave room to each other.

The three bedrooms all have great views about Wudaokou street,if u want to see how buzy the place is during the whole day. This apt is a great choice . 4000rmb for master room,3500 for smaller room. electricity ,internet,water are shared .One deposite,three paid.(6 month contract the least)

my wechat : cozycoffeeplace ,(there are pics about the rooms in detail there available)

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