kungfu-athletics training programme

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kungfu-athletics training programme

Postby futeme » Fri Nov 23, 2018 8:54 am

Hello, friends, if you have interest about Kungfu or sports, welcome to join this kungfu-athletics training programme

Most of the European friends know Kungfu by the show and the competition of Tai Ji, Shao Lin or the morden martial arts(Wushu). As the culture production, that focus on the showing effect and the social influence. Some Kungfu fans also practice Wing Chun(Yong Chun in Chinese), a small Kungfu branch in Hong Kong, south of China.

Indeed, the root of the ancient Chinese culture was in north of China, besides the Yellow River. There were nearly one hundred different Kungfu styles in the history. Some famous Kungfu styles are still alive now, such as Xin Yi, Ba Ji, San Huang Pao Chui, Chuo Jiao, Tong Bei, etc.

The important thing is that the movements of such Kungfu styles look different, but they share the same inner principle. So we can call them Bei Di Gu Quan (Classical martial arts from northland of China) as a general term, B.D.G.Q for short. That is the practical Kungfu style, which was used in the battle.

Nowadays, our Kungfu programme base on that B.D.G.Q system, and the purpose is to inherit the classical Chinese martial arts, improving the phsical movement ability and keeping fit. So we offer three different classes as following:

1. Traditional Kungfu class
2. Kungfu–athletics
3. Kungfu–fit

1. Traditional Kungfu class
That classs focus on the most famous kungfu styles we mentioned, such as Xin Yi Liu He(Mind and Will, six Harmonies), San Huang Pao Chui(Three Kaisers, Cannon Hammer), Ba Ji(Eight Extremes), Tong Bei(Ape Arms), Chuo Jiao(Iron Feet), including the whole basic training forms, prctical fighting technique, self-defence, and weapons.

2. In this class we will combine the traditional kungfu training methods and the morden sports.
A lot of kungfu movements are animals imitation. That is a good way for helping man to stimulate the potential instinct power, so let man can run faster, move quickly, turn the body flexible, etc. No matter which sport you want to join, the instinct power could help you a lot.

3. In Chinese we call it Yang Sheng Gong. Except the fighting fuction, kungfu training could also improve the health level, helping people to lose weight, strengthen the immune system, solving some chronic health problems such as back pain, joints pain, hypertension, etc.

Training place: Chao Yang park
Training time: flexible, you can choose a fit time for yourself.
If you have interest, please add my Wechat 13691539511 or write me email 13691539511@139.com to know more details.

Wish you will have fun and health from the training.
Sincerely yours

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