Memory Boy Deluxe - Analog Delay Pedal - Like New


Memory Boy Deluxe - Analog Delay Pedal - Like New

Postby petitnicolas » Wed Feb 17, 2016 10:21 am

It's an analog delay pedal! If you want it, you know what it is.

Used very seldomly, only at home, and not with the feet. So, it's pretty much like new. It comes with a power supply and an adaptor for the voltage difference.

It's great! It can really get some wild delay effects.

So why am I selling it? Because I just don't have use for a mono delay pedal. The next delay pedal I buy will be stereo.

Comes with the original box and shit (and power supply stuff, which is definitely not included if you buy it from the store)

1000 RMB

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