Moving Sale: Electric Guitar, Appliances (and more) (get everything for 2300RMB)


Moving Sale: Electric Guitar, Appliances (and more) (get everything for 2300RMB)

Postby BenH » Thu Oct 20, 2016 8:40 am

Moving Sale: Electric Guitar, Appliances (and more) (get everything for 2300RMB)

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Cooking Stuff:

Rice Cooker 100 RMB
(good quality with multiple buttons that keeps rice or porridge warm as long as you like, and convenient smaller size for cooking smaller portions for 1-6 people)

Rice Cooker 50 RMB
(standard one-button version, small size convenient for 1-4 people, doesn’t burn)

Non-stick wok with glass cover 20 RMB

Oven 100 RMB
(for baking, toasting, broiling / adjustable temperature)
(Pick-up 1st week of November)

Electric Wok/Hot Pot 100 RMB
(flat-bottom plug-in/non-stick surface / sautéing, hot pot, pasta, pancakes, etc.)
(Pick-up 1st week of November)

Electric Hand Blender 25 RMB

Various cookware and plates (buy one or some of the above and let’s make a deal!)

Books in English: (authentic not fake)

Kubrick: Inside a Film Artist’s Maze by Thomas Allen Nelson 40

Marilyn Manson: The Long Hard Road Out of Hell (Hardcover autobiography) 95

Travel Books:
Vietnam (Lonely Planet 2012 edition) (cover 198RMB) 75
Vietnam (Berlitz 2012) (cover 150RMB) 65

Books in Japanese 25 for all
(20 Assorted novels / acceptable condition)


Big Arctic Winter Coat 35
(Army Green with faux fur lined hood)

Brooks Brothers Suit 150
(Dark Blue, Extra-Large size / Hardly worn)

Speakers 45
(Medium External Size)

Speakers 30
(Small External Size)

Variety half-bottles of Johnnie Walker Black, Vodka, Cap Morgan Spiced Rum, Grenadine (inquire for reasonable price)

Badminton rackets and birdies 10

Mint plant 5
(to a good home with sunshine and water)

Umbrellas 5/ea

TV Set plus 50
(with working remote)

DVD player 50
(with working remote)

Electric Fan 30
(med size)

Electric Scale (for people) 35 RMB

Mini Electric Hairdryer 10 RMB

Air (tire) pump 10 RMB

Electric Guitar and Amp 2,300 RMB
EST LTD Kirk Hammett (Metallica) KH202 Signature model with skull crossbones fretboard
Amp is SKB TG-30Watt

Counteroffers are welcome

Prices in Chinese RMB
(will also accept equivalent cash in US dollars or Japanese Yen)

I live 5 minutes walk from XiYuan (Subway Line 4), also easily accessed from anywhere in Haidian by bus (4 minutes walk to YiHeYuanLuDongKou bus stop and Tube Station Pizza at the west gate of Peking University)

(Arrange meeting for sale or pickup. For less convenient locations the purchase of more than 200RMB worth is appreciated.)

I would recommend the APP DaoJia for very cheap (usually less than 100RMB) moving across the city if you would like to purchase large items or many (or all!).

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