Awesome Ayi


Awesome Ayi

Postby rob_ritacca_MBA » Tue Mar 22, 2016 9:03 am


My name is Rob. I just got transferred from Beijing to Shenzhen and will leave rather abruptly. However, I would like to post an advertisement for my super Ayi. She has been with me almost two years now. She is very nice and kind, she is especially good with dogs but also takes care of young kids during her other part time work. As my leave is rather abrupt, I felt it my duty to put an advertisement for her since her english is not so good. But what she does not have in english, she makes up for in service and care. I will miss her and so will my small baby pup. If you would like her contact info, please email me at or wechat me at: rob041177 or rob18513038214


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