Tarot Cards Reading / Birth Chart Reading- Telling your future


Tarot Cards Reading / Birth Chart Reading- Telling your future

Postby dychak » Mon Jun 29, 2015 7:33 pm

Tarot Cards Reading / Birth Chart Reading- Telling your future

{ Profile }

Arroyo High School, CA, USA
San Jose State University, CA, USA
undergraduate degree in Visual Art
Life experience: H.K. 14 yrs, U.S.A. 9 yrs, China 3yrs

Hong Kong Chinese American, Danny Chak, specialized in Tarot reading with over five years service experience. Besides that, he also provides birth chart reading for prediction on wealth and love life.

{ Two major functions of Tarot }
1. Psychological Treatment : Spiritual healing, relief from pain and stress.
2. Fortune Telling : Predicting a current matter and suggest proper decision


{ Subject matters for reading }

1. You can choose from the major topics : career, love, and health. Select a

form of question.
2. Tarot Reading is suitable for questions within 3months. For longer

prediction, astrology reading is recommended.
3. Birth Chart Reading reports valuable time-based information of love and

career by inputing birth time. It is very accurate in predicting matters.

{ Reservation }

SMS to 1369 3348 469 Danny Chak
" name + booking time + choice of service + suggested location "

Tarot Reading 300 per Question(30mins)
Birth Chart Reading 500 per Person(40mins)

free one question for 3 people visit.
5RMB discount for using Alipay!
all charge 30% off for D.O.B. after 1990.
Possible skill trade for comer with financial difficulty.

{ Quality Ensurance }

Danny emphasizes on 80-90% accuracy on each reading.
For quality Insurance, result of all readings will be documented.
Your feedback after prediction is truely valued, 5RMB cash back is prepared

for you.

{ Location and Time }

Service is provided on line10 and line4 from Haidian.
Other subway stations on line2 will also be considered.
Mon-Sun 9am - 10pm

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