Hypnosis for You


Hypnosis for You

Postby peter133 » Fri Oct 21, 2016 9:12 am

Hi, everybody!

I'm a professional hypnotist from Russia and can help You now solve many different tasks and problems.

If You understand that You realy want to cope with everyday stress and achieve a peace of mind, to reduce psycological pressure and get rid of bad habbits, to enhance self-confidence and stay strong and quiet in all situations, to improve Your professional abilities and know yourself better - You have found the right page!

I have no magic wand, I'm not a guru, but I can help You find the right clue to yourself and also help You make yourself healthy and optimistic. I use hypnotic methods that allow You to remain wide awake and alert during the whole process. They are simple and effective.

If You realy want to cope with insomnia or to say "good bye" to the warts, to become a non-smoker or to lose weight, to eliminate the fear of the airplanes or to feel Ok in crowded places - find my phone number below!

I need only 3 things to let You experience the hypnotic state:
- Your desire to be hypnotized
- Your permission to be hypnotized
- Your ability to follow my instructions

I also teach You self-hypnosis so that You can use it wherever and whenever You need it.

Hypnosis classes are also possible if You want to get better understanding of hypnosis, to understand how it works, why it works, and why it can be used for changes in our life.

Why not to try it Now?

Mobile (wechat) 17801055207
Peter.yagodkin@mail.ru (describe Your task first and we'll find the key to Your problem together)
Both English and Chinese are possible.

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