Looking For English-Chinese Language Partner

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Looking For English-Chinese Language Partner

Postby livinBJ » Sun Oct 07, 2018 3:28 pm

Hi Everyone, I am an Asian Canadian in his early 30s that has been working in Beijing/Hong Kong for over 9 years. for the past 6 years I worked in a Domestic State-Owned Investment Bank so I barely have the opportunity to speak any English, and its is diminishing rapidly. I would like to seek English Speaking Language Partner to practice with, someone who is a native English speaker or someone who is fluent in English and would like to acquire more practice are all welcome. For those who are native English speaker and would like to improve their Chinese, I am a native-level Chinese speaker and would consider myself to be a great help to your journey to learn Chinese. For those whom are interested, please contact me through my wechat :

Wechat: davidxu_xqw
Please msg "Language Partner" on your friend request, thank you

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