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Lincoln Customized Service

Postby lincolnjunior » Sun Aug 10, 2014 11:37 am

Dear Expats in China,
My name is Lincoln Lin and I am an online shopping entrepreneur and i have many years' experience in online business. Currently I am providing online shopping services
for expats in China. My service includes
1: Online shopping proxy which means i can help foreigners who have troubles in buying stuffs in China.
2: Product translation which means i can help to translate the product information and manuals for your convenience.
3: Life assistance which means if you are living in China I can be your consultant in shopping, travelling, and other activities you may have in your daily life.
4: Visa, flights tickets and hotel assistance which means i can help to arrange your visa, book your tickets and hotels.

Besides I can be of help with any other problems you may have if you are in China and you'd better call me.

You can add my WeChat lincolntranslation and instruct me your requirements and service fee is paid as tip or you can send me email through

Tel. +0086 15101176907

Best Regard

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