set up office or new company in Beijing

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set up office or new company in Beijing

Postby H2OFFICE beijing » Thu Dec 22, 2016 5:32 pm

[attachment=0]IMG_5092.jpg[/attachment][attachment=1]IMG_5017_编辑.jpg[/attachment]if you want to set up a new company in Beiing, first you need to an office with legal address available.

at least 1 year leasing agreement is required.

with the contact and address, you can apply for approval for your company name, and then a company certificate (in Chinese, ZHIZHAO)

for small office, you can contact HAN KONG JIAN, a beautiful single building, offering 3 person to 10 persons office, fully furnished, equipped, and serviced.

contact by phone or wechat 185 1927 6670

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