Let's speak Mandarin!


Let's speak Mandarin!

Postby Elena » Thu Jun 15, 2017 7:41 pm

Global Mandarin.
Who are we?
Started in 2015 By Elena Yang, Global Mandarin was created to fill in the gap in the market by providing fun and individual Mandarin lessons for businesses and individuals. Whether this was because their role demanded it, they simply wanted to get by in China or because they have a passion for Mandarin and Chinese Culture.
Since its inception Global Mandarin has added additional teachers who are passionate about teaching Mandarin and love seeing their students grow and learn about our countries culture.
With over 100 happy previous customers we know our techniques work and we are able to provide Mandarin lessons for any situation.

What services do we provide?
Global Mandarin provides tailor made services for businesses and individuals, whether that be at our local office, conveniently located in SOHO nearby Guomao’s exit C, at the office or even at your own home! At Global Mandarin we pride ourselves on making Mandarin enjoyable and easy to learn, we take a huge amount of pride in seeing our students make the adjustments to China with the help that knowing even a little Mandarin can provide.
Why Global Mandarin?
We provide face to face and online Mandarin classes. You can come to our school which is located in Guomao, Beijing.Or if you want to have an online class, you can have a class through Skype, Wechat or any other video software that works for you. 

You can discuss schedule and learning materials with your teacher.

You will need to pay upfront, we have hour packages for 30,60,80,120 hours. 

We are doing promotion for 2017.

Pay for 60 hours  get 5extra free hours.
Pay for 80 hours get 10extra free hours.
Pay 100 hours get 15 extra free hours.
Pay 120 hours get 20 extra free hours
Pay for 70 hours get 5% off
Pay for 90 hours get 10% off

Pay for any of those packages above get one book for free.

All of our classes are tailor-made, which means your schedule and learning material is all flexible and up to you. We will make a study plan with you only according to your own needs and time.

For more information please contact Elena by:
Phone/Whats App:13521931586

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