The International Montessori School of Beijing

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The International Montessori School of Beijing

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Bldg 8 2A, Xiangjiang Beilu
International Schools
City Area:
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6432-8228 ext. 800

The International Montessori School of Beijing Description
Founded in 1990, MSB is Beijing’s first fully registered international Montessori school. Upon completion of grade 6, MSB students display not only a firm understanding of pre-calculus, grammar, basic chemistry and physics, but also exceptional penmanship and literacy. The students are also well versed in time management and the virtues of respect, patience and tolerance. For these reasons, MSB students often perform well beyond the expectations of their grade level. The school also boasts an unsurpassed dual Mandarin/English program geared towards helping students achieve fluency in either language from an early age. Curriculum aside, MSB boasts spacious classrooms, a high teacher-student ratio and impressive staff longevity. Extracurricular activities include Spanish, money management clubs, swimming, Latin dancing, cooking, greeting card making and martial arts. Student-teacher ratios are 4:1 in Nursery, 6:1 in Kindergarten and 8:1 in Elementary. For students ages 1.5-12. Student body: 350 students, foreign nationals from more than 30 countries. Tuition: RMB95,000 - RMB169,000/year.

Founded in 1990, MSB is the first and only fully registered international Montessori elementary and pre-school in Beijing for children aged 2 to 12 years.

Along with MSB’s traditional teaching in English, the school also offers a truly unsurpassed dual Mandarin/English programme from pre-school to upper elementary.

Since the very beginning, MSB has been highly regarded for its commitment, dedication, high academic standards and warm community where teachers care deeply for their pupils’ well-being and development. “We have striven to provide this for over 20 years and simply will never stop trying,” says Caroline Chen, MSB’s Founder Principal. Boasting some of the greatest longevity of its staff amongst Beijing international schools, MSB firmly believes that its spirit of respect for all and great teamwork as key to its success.

Extra-curricular activities are numerous and very popular, including: language clubs, chess, Chinese painting, pottery, cooking, football, swimming and experiential adventure.

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