HR, Global Talent Acquisition (No Nationality Restriction)

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HR, Global Talent Acquisition (No Nationality Restriction)

Postby Bytedance » Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:05 pm

Role: HR, Global Talent Acquisition (No Nationality Restriction)

About: Driven by a passion to connect people with information, Yiming Zhang founded Bytedance in 2012. With a natural instinct for new technologies and social trends, Yiming saw an opportunity to combine the power of artificial intelligence with the growth of mobile internet to revolutionize the way people consume and receive information. This made Bytedance one of the first companies to launch mobile-first products powered by machine learning technology.

Our vision is to build highly inclusive and diverse platforms—we aim to not just deliver information but serve as a creative hub, hosting and nurturing creators. This belief guides our strategy in product development—alongside its flagship product Toutiao, the largest content discovery and creation platform in China, we have also developed a diverse portfolio of products that are popular around the world, most notably and TopBuzz.

1. Deliver high-quality coordination and recruiting work in a very fast-paced environment by managing efforts across various of hiring projects: sourcing strategies, candidates mapping and partnership in cross-functional tasks.
2. Provide outstanding guidance to businesses / clients to shape their talent needs to best match the talent in the market and the needs of Bytedance.
3. Communicate and understand the nuances of the hiring strategies and process in different talent markets.

Preferred qualifications:
1. Can use Chinses or English in daily work, native speaker or proficient in Russia/Spanish/German/French/Portuguese/Hindi/Thai language/Indonesian
2. Proven track record of attracting and managing global talent at different levels.
3. Ability to get things done in ambiguous situations.
4. Interested in internet industry.
5. Overseas exposure and deep understanding of diverse culture.

We welcome talents with diversified culture backgrouds to join us!

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