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Relocation Account Manager | 20KRMB/Month | Beijing

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Job Description
The DSP account manager is responsible for developing tailor and delivering orientation and home search programs for our relocation clients and / or their expatriate employees, based on their individual needs.

The account manager may also provide exclusive onsite and general administrative support services, assisting HR and taking over internal administrative tasks for their population of Expatriates in North China.

Essential Duties:

1.Relocation Case Delivery:

Accompany expatriates and their families on orientation and home search services.
Develop property source / leasing database; consult with client and identify potential leasing property to satisfy their living requirements.
Manage leasing budget according to company guidelines while ensuring expatriate satisfaction
Act as leasing agent on behalf of clients where possible / practical
Negotiate with the landlord or developer.
Prepare and handle cases from negotiation to signing of the lease agreement.
Coordination of the Expatriate relocation processes
Receive initiation from HR to send welcome letter to new assignee
Organize and coordinate look see trip itinerary with local consultants
Arrange for short term accommodation if necessary or transport at destination
Monitor process, reports and iron out ad-hoc issues
Lease agreements and vendor set up for landlords
Submit leases to legal for approval
Coordinate vendor set up for Landlords
Ensure leases are signed in accordance to local regulations
Coordinate process and ensure seamless delivery
Legal Permits Status Reporting
Check permits which will be expired within 2 months regularly
Inform Expats three months in advance and reminder
Collect documents from TE if needed and prepare the other documents
Create database of these activities
Property Rental Invoice
Collect rental payment notice bills and arrange it by Biz unit, then hand in to Finance around 10th each month
Collect rental tax invoices monthly
Update the every month rental payment invoice
Summarize the invoice status
Track the invoices not received yet and give update to HR regularly
Utility and Property Management Fees
Collect Property Management Fees and Utility bills every month from various locations in China
Process payment request and hand over to Finance
Update the utility record and Quarterly expense report
Track unpaid/overdue bills and reissue
Liaison with appropriate parties or 3rd party vendors such as landlord, property management office to process the maintenance & repairs.
Provide all services in a timely manner.
Provide frequent updates for each step and record all relevant information.
Record and log all phone calls/issues and communication status with monthly updates.
Regularly Meetings& Reporting
Weekly meeting between Client/HR and Vendors
Monthly meeting minutes if needed
Weekly activity analysis report to manager
Monthly status reports to manager
Other duty:
Complete all of the administration required (both external and internal) for professional completion of each case.
Assist the client to obtain any Work Permit & Resident Permit required in relation to their relocation.
Provide on-going assistance to the tenant during his lease term and expatriation.
Provide departure services after the lease is terminated.
Surpass the service expectations of all your customers.
Work on weekends or evenings when required. This may occur on a regular basis during peak times of the year.
Required Minimum Qualifications:

Bacholer Degree and above
Preferred industry background: Relocation; Service Apartment; High-end hotel, Real Estate Leasing Consultant, High-End, Property Management, Tourism, etc.
Fluent English is a must, both oral and written English;
International experience or good cultural awareness.
Positive attitude and willing to understand alternative perspectives
Strong customer service background and orientation.
Organized, self-motivated and good inter personal communication skills.
Service / customer focused and good communications skills
Able to multi-task with good problem – solving skills.
Understanding of conflict management
Good at Teamwork
客户经理的主要工作是协助刚到北京的外国客人熟悉北京并找到适合自己的住房, 一个CASE需要从前期客户沟通开始,再制定行程,准备房源,接下来是接机,带客人做城市导览,文化差异介绍,国际学校,国际医院参观,外国人常去的衣食住行的热点地带参观,然后最主要的时间用在看房,选房,最后这个顾问要完成谈合同,签约,最后还有一天是协助客人入住,以及之后定期跟踪缴纳房租,并处理居住期间外籍客人需要我们协助解决的问题。


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