High Pay for Native English Speakers!!! Flexible!!!

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High Pay for Native English Speakers!!! Flexible!!!

Postby Christine Su » Fri Jan 19, 2018 5:25 pm

Our English training school is in need of experienced English teachers.
With over 10 years’ history, our school is one of the most excellent English training centers in Beijing. We are open to all the students of different age levels. So we need more teachers to teach different levels of English.

Here is some information about the job we offer:
1.Tutor students in one on one classes. (either school teaching or home teaching)
2.Rich hourly fee
3.Flexible working schedule.

1.Prefer the teachers who could speak English in a standard accent.
2.Prefer relaxed and easy-going teachers.
3.Prefer rich teaching experience

As long as you are the one we are looking for, we will fill your available time schedule with students.
If you are interested in the position we offer, please send your CV with your picture & brief teaching experience introduction video to us.
Contact :dianafluentenglish@dingtalk.com
Contact:Address: Room1805, Building B, jianwai soho, Guomao Subway Station, Subway Line 1 or Subway Line 10 , C Exit, turning right and ahead about 300 meters you will see our building with KFC on the first floor

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